Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Was There... One In A Million

I braved the cold and wind yesterday to witness the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and witness history. Along with three friends, I rode the train from Virginia to arrive on the mall at 6 a.m. in Washington as the sun was rising. The energy was so elevated. We were greeted by volunteers smiling broadly and welcoming us to the Inauguration. We didn't have tickets, so we stood among a million others from all over the nation. I must admit, it was quite a challenge to stay warm. It was especially challenging trying to keep my toes and fingers warm inspite of extra layers of socks and gloves. At the end of the day (we didn't make it back home til 5 p.m. and must have walked more than 5 miles) and after Obama's speech and the prayers and songs and poetry, I felt it was so worthwhile and such an exhilirating experience. The photo above was taken as throngs of people lined up to enter L'Enfant Plaza to take the train home.