Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Imagination Blooms

Using books to support the Imagination Blooms project
The phrase "Imagination Blooms" was given to the creation of art projects that will be produced at 24 DC area shelters. I was invited by painter Marsha Gallo to share my books and help children to create self portraits using shapes cut out of felt, buttons, sequins, feathers and a bunch of other materials. I was delighted by the creativity the young people displayed. Earlier in the evening I read my Grandma's Purple Flowers book to them and another book I illustrated called My Steps. The art the children created that day will be stitched into a quilt and displayed at the "Of Wine and Words" gala celebrating the Reading Connections 20th anniversary in Washington D.C. in March. The Reading Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing books and a lifelong love of reading to children in housing crisis.