Friday, September 11, 2009

Telling Your Story Through Art

This fall I'm on the Class Acts Arts roster for the first time. Class Acts Arts, Inc. is a non-profit arts outreach and presenting organization dedicated to bringing high quality and culturally diverse performances, workshops and artist residencies to schools and communities, at-risk youth, seniors, and special needs populations throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia.

On my directory page, it urges teachers to infuse their curriculum with captivating workshops and residencies exploring multi-media collage, paper decorating, bookmaking and creative writing through my programs Telling Your Story Through Art. These are some of my offerings. Create cut paper collage installations celebrating family in the Family Ties workshop using my book Grandma's Purple Flowers as a guide. Examine cultural identity creating visual narratives in Our Wide Wide World workshop that links history, geography and social studies. Explore science and the natural world in the unique bookmaking and collage workshop called Seasons of Hope, Seasons of Change. As an illustrator of over a dozen books for children, I like to lead students in creative explorations that aid in self discovery and esteem. For more information: