Friday, October 19, 2012

Success For All Learners

I gave a presentation to teachers and paraprofessionals at Sharpe Health School in Washington, DC to address the question of how to adapt instruction to accommodate the needs of diverse learners, especially utilizing technology. It turned out to be a wonderful collaborative session. I talked about my existing Kennedy Center Art and Writing Residency and we brainstormed ways that activities such as painting, reading and collage can be made more accessible to students with disabilities. 

I shared some of my published emergent readers and we searched the publishers web site for lesson plans. Focusing on the book "Everybody Wears Braids" we explored the lesson plan online and investigated ways that students with hearing, sight and motor challenges, for example, can be successful. The solutions the teachers can up with were both creative and insightful. I look forward to more dialogue with Sharpe Health in the future about how we can address the diverse needs of their students.