Friday, November 13, 2015

Collaborative Art Making at VCU

Grad student Anika, created her sculpture from recyclables.
I had a great opportunity to be a visiting artist at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA this week as a guest in Dr. Pamela Lawton's "Cultural Diversity, Art and Society" class. During the three hour class with graduate and doctoral students, I shared my latest sculptural art form with them through  a visual presentation and invited them to experiment creating a small sculpture from recyclables. The last part of the session was dedicated to collectively creating a cardboard sculpture that was placed on display in the VCU Arts building.

Dr. Pam Lawton working on the collaborative sculpture.
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Ginger's sculpture made from recyclables.
David, a musician and doctoral student at VCU's sculpture.

VCU's graduate and doctoral students at conclusion of workshop.