Saturday, July 4, 2009

Of pain and loss, mourning and redemption...

I ended my 5-month artist residency at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland on Thursday, June 25 with an artist talk. Drawing upon my experience as a visual storyteller, collage artist and designer, I excitedly shared my new work in the series called "Bye-Ku" that explores loss and abandonment in personal relationships. The word "Bye-Ku" is a play on the word Haiku, which is a compact Japanese form of poetry that focuses on nature.

Utilizing African American culture and blues tradition as a basis, I used a variety of traditional media including printmaking, collage, and letterpress as
well as more exploratory digital media, to create visual narratives
that speak of pain and loss, mourning and redemption.

I shared the earliest exploration of this new series with my audience and look forward to an expansion of the Bye-Ku series soon as I make artists books, more prints and collage.

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