Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kindergarten teacher, Damaa Bell and Adjoa Burrowes
My ten week art and writing residency at Ludlow Taylor elementary school ended today with a gallery walk of student artist books created during the residency. Each book housed picture stories and written narratives. During the residency, kindergarten students created tissue paper collages referencing a springtime memory and used the picture as a bridge to writing their unique narratives. Other images were created in their winter books about a memory during winter break. Students learned several basic book forms including the flag and accordion book and learned how to create paste paper with pigment and adhesive to make textured effects on paper. The final books demonstrated their understanding of bookmaking, creative writing, and art processes including collage. All students were totally engaged in the creative process. Thank you Ms. Bell for being a great partner in learning!
Students created Spring and Winter accordion books that
housed their visual and written narratives.
One student sharing her writing with her parents.

Student proudly sharing her collage picture story with her mom.

One proud author and illustrator posing with her Dad.